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Sep 24, 2021 - Present


Apple TV+


Drama / Sci-fi


Hari - Jared HarrisLee Pace - Brother DayGaal - Lou LlobellSalvor - Leah HarveyDemerzel - Laura BirnBrother Dusk - Terrence MannBrother Dawn - Cassian BiltonRaych - Alfred Enoch

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A sci-fi drama following a group of exiles attempting to rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.

As the Galactic Empire falls, a band of exiles known as The Foundation embark on a monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization.

Based on Isaac Asimov's novel series of the same name.

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Loki Robinson
09/29/23 at 03:27pm

Don't really care for it. The acting is terrible. Would like people to go to acting class first.
Texas Transplant
03/26/22 at 11:05am

Off the rails!

So far it is "faithful" to about 40-50% of the books. While soeme of the changes, particularly with the science, make it interesting and actually more believable and worthwhile, , Looks like they want to make it more politically correct by changing the sex of the characters and give it more action". Overall I am finding the plot little disappointing. That said, excellent special effects.

- In the book Demerzel is a male robot but no one knows he is a robot. In this Demerzel is a female and everyone knows she's a robot
- Raysch is a totally different character than the book, unbelievable what he does in episode 2, taking the plot in at least 90 degrees of the original story.
- In the book, Seldon never leaves Trantor, here is is on a ship bound for Terminus. From what I can tell the sole purpose it to add more action and deviate the plot 180 degrees from the original book. It also serves as a way for the alleged "writers" to add their inept two-cents to the script.
- Could go into more but won't bother.

If it keeps going like this, the only thing it will have in common by the end is the "Foundation" title.
01/29/22 at 04:14pm

Been an Asimov fan for almost 50 years now and... I thought The Expanse was the greatest SF series ever! But The Foundation is as good or better: grand decor (the Galaxy...), politics, no black and white but you even get to understand the emperor/dictator.

OK Asimov stressed the science more, psycho-history.
Only thing that hurts me is Daneel being a female android here.
Still, for an SF story written in the 40s and 50s it has very well kept its value.
11/29/21 at 01:42pm

this is some great sci fi writing. It has nothing to do with the books? are you sure? It is nothing like star wars. although some land ships hover etc. so what? The empire is not a demonic entity like that one. Not a good one though as it's stagnant and the the destruction of the two planets was a huge mistake. But we see humanity doing similar punishments throughout history after facing huge attacks. I think it's one of the best sci fi shows ever made. the expanse sticks close to the books, I think you would like that. and lost in space on netflix is sure fun.
11/20/21 at 05:37am

Tips: fast forward button is useful
Script writers have obviously never read the books
Screenplay have obviously borrowed some CGI/props from Starwars.

Photographically looks good.

After 10 episodes as someone who is an ardent Asimov fan I've tried to watch it and find some good bits and failed.

If it starts to follow the books, I might continue to watch.
My current vote is 2/10
11/15/21 at 09:48am

Apple tv , not amazon. This is sci Fi of the highest caliber. Very smart , with incredible effects. A+ effort and perhaps in the top five tv sci Fi shows ever.
Steve S.
09/24/21 at 02:49pm

Dazzling sling David You OK there Steve?
Amazonian Goliath
You OK there Steve?
09/24/21 at 04:18am

You what Steve? Its on Apple not Amazon, so you might want to stop huffing those paint fumes a tad & open a window.
Steve S.
09/24/21 at 02:41am

Too bad this is on Amazon because is not my foundation for TV. I liken Bezos to a Xindi. Google IS the Borg.

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