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Sep 24, 2021 - Present


Apple TV+


Drama / Sci-fi


Hari - Jared HarrisLee Pace - Brother DayGaal - Lou LlobellSalvor - Leah HarveyDemerzel - Laura BirnBrother Dusk - Terrence MannBrother Dawn - Cassian BiltonRaych - Alfred Enoch

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A sci-fi drama following a group of exiles attempting to rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.

As the Galactic Empire falls, a band of exiles known as The Foundation embark on a monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization.

Based on Isaac Asimov's novel series of the same name.

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Steve S.
09/24/21 at 02:49pm

Dazzling sling David You OK there Steve?
Amazonian Goliath
You OK there Steve?
09/24/21 at 04:18am

You what Steve? Its on Apple not Amazon, so you might want to stop huffing those paint fumes a tad & open a window.
Steve S.
09/24/21 at 02:41am

Too bad this is on Amazon because is not my foundation for TV. I liken Bezos to a Xindi. Google IS the Borg.

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