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Jun 17, 2021 - Jul 27, 2023








Carly - Miranda CosgroveSpencer - Jerry TrainorFreddie - Nathan KressHarper - Laci MosleyMillicent - Jaidyn TriplettMarrisa - Mary Scheer

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A revival of the 2007 Nickelodeon comedy of the same name.

It has been nearly a decade since the original iCarly said good-bye. This new series follows online star Carly Shay, now in her 20s, as she decides to start up her iCarly channel again. Now Carly must figure out how to navigate this new stage in her life along with her friends and family.

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Will McMillan
10/04/23 at 10:48am

The L B G T Q is political and shows like I Carly need to stay away from that business. We have been to many different events going on and it seems that we should have comedy shows if Netflix picked this show up this will be nice just like what they did with Cobra Kai
Another Someone
06/20/21 at 10:18am

I couldn't even make it all the way through the first episode. The acting was so flat and wooden. I used to watch the original with my young daughter and we both enjoyed it. But this revival is just bad.
06/17/21 at 06:05am

Sorry.. this isn't woke enough for me. Unless the LGBTQ+@$* is represented this is crap. I need someone in a wheel chair also, we need diversity.
Just Someone
05/22/21 at 11:31am

I'm 50 and I loved the original so I will check this out, only because Miranda, Jerry and Nathan are in it. HOpefully Jenette makes an appearance or two. Wish she was in it tho. Maybe Gibby will come back? Goldbergs is done for the season so he should be free! (JTP!) lol.

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