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Oct 22, 2021 - Present


Apple TV+


Drama / Sci-fi


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A sci-fi drama following a global alien invasion.

When Earth is visited by an unknown alien species that threatens humanity's existence, people from different continents struggle to make sense of the chaos unfolding around them.

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12/22/23 at 11:44am

Very skeptical after first season, too many artsy-fartsy scenes that added nothing, too many storylines that did not seem to go anywhere. I got the feeling that competing teams of writers were writing each episode as it seemed rather disjointed. Season 2 got better, tying a bunch of stuff back together.
11/02/23 at 06:53am

Hey Mark, how about just click on the news link and you may find out what season it's referring to.
10/31/23 at 02:43am

"Apple TV+ Renews 'Invasion'" Great but for what season 2 or 3?
I love this show and Shioli Kutsuna (hey I'm 72 and i have seen some bad shows) I want to see it continue :)
10/19/23 at 09:02pm

Awesome awesome awesome!!!!

I love this show. Please renew it again!!!
10/01/23 at 09:29pm

OMG !! I will agree that it had a slow start, however, it really did give you great backstory. I am absolutely in love with this show and I have not binged a show in ages. Totally worth my whole weekend.!!!
09/14/23 at 03:24am

A really good show, with perfect, slow pacing! I love the fact that it takes a long time to introduce the aliens to the viewers, and keeps things mysterious and eerie. Some people complain that it's not like the usual 2-hour flick that drops you in the middle of an alien occupation, tells a 5-minute backstory, and then bombards you with mindless gunfights and ridiculous action sequences with no substance. This is way better.
07/06/23 at 01:27pm

Solid show.
06/22/23 at 08:25am

I also binged watched this, along with Silo, in the same weekend. Love Silo. Invasion is so painfully slow I was just about to give up. And those episodes shot in complete darkness--I almost threw my shoe at the TV. I am going to stick it out because I want to see if Season 2 gets better. But OMG that mother of the two kids--she has to die--her husband is a cheater and all she can muster up is a couple of sad expressions--kill her please!!!!
05/17/23 at 04:09pm

Brutally bad. Wait for episode 6? Really? First, it should not take that long for any show to start, and second, it was a terrible episode. Bad ripoff of A Quiet Place with the picture so dark you can't see how bad the sfx are. Please cancel this hot mess. No one should have to watch it.
02/15/22 at 09:57am

Please bring this show back, the show was great. The ending was a cliff hanger and, to leave us without an ending is SO WRONG. please atleast give us an ending. With the price of apple+ the least you can do is give us an ending

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