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Nov 01, 2021 - Present


Reality / Legal


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A courtroom series featuring the Honorable Judy Sheindlin presiding over real cases.

Retired Judge of the Manhattan family Court, Judy Sheindlin, brings her signature blend of wit, wisdom, candor, and honesty as she presides over real cases and arbitrates binding decisions. Accompanying Sheindlin is her court clerk, court stenographer, and bailiff.

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01/04/22 at 09:07am

Watched a few episodes of this 'new' show. Not a fan of the setup now. Court reporter and law clerk additions? not necessary. I enjoyed it when it was on network TV and not streaming. I'm done.
11/07/21 at 06:59am

So far not good. Judy playing it up (over acting) way to much and the piece where she talks in champers after the case is horrible.
Steve S.
11/01/21 at 01:55am

I missed all 25 years of her on Judge Judy on CBS and there's absolutely no reason why I can't miss this too. No contest. I was done at Wapner.
10/12/21 at 12:35pm

Love her! Cannot wait!

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