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Apr 07, 2021 - Present


The CW




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A modern adaptation of the 1970s drama of the same name.

Nicky is a young Chinese-American woman who decides to drop out of college and embark on a life-altering journey to an isolated monastery in China.

But when she returns home to San Francisco, she finds that it has become overrun by crime and corruption, with her own parents at the mercy of a powerful triad.

With help from her family and friends, Nicky uses her martial arts training and Shaolin values to protect her community and bring criminals to justice - all while searching for the ruthless assassin who killed her mentor and is now coming after her.

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05/09/21 at 05:00pm

Liked it up until episode 5. Then the politics and blm had to be brought into the show.
Keep the politics out of the the show.
05/04/21 at 07:42pm

I've actually down-voted my rating to a "3" from the "4" I'd initially rated the series. I realize it's the CW and seems targeted for a younger audience with the earliest prime-time slot.

I suppose I wish the series to be a bit darker & harsher, as Warrior was and hopefully will be upon its return or like The Nevers is.
Randy Meyer
04/10/21 at 06:17am

I don't know why they called this show Kung-Fu, it was nothing like the original, and like so many others said before me it had none of the spirit of the original which made it so special. Any show can have combat between characters but what made the original so special was how Cain approached situations and life.
Steve S.
04/08/21 at 03:44pm

“Most of the people here should rewatch the original show, they apparently have completely forgotten its spirit…” - ahhhhhh, I’m the only one who mentioned anything possibly related to the spirit of the original show unless you are insinuating the original show was fully woke garbage.

Pray tell what you think the spirit of the original show was that most didn’t remember or even pretend to remember if they forgot.
04/08/21 at 07:55am

I rated this a "4" (over the 2.7 average rating at the time of this writing). Do note I'm a tough grader. As the series goes on, I may increase my rating.
Likes: attractive cast; most/many/all Asian/Chinese; fighting seens fairly exciting/quick/fast/acrobatic (unlike the D. Carradine series); no phony accents. I think I've only seen and heard of Tzi Ma (the father) before now.

Dislikes: this 1st episode seemed overly complicated and mixed in a bit too much for merely an hour-long showing (enrolling in a temple; temple life/death; arriving in San Francisco just in time to combat life/death issues). I think a two-hour or two-part initiation to the character would have been better.

Other. It's nice to see San Francisco in the background, but business-wise, likely filmed in Canada. Calif./USA/San Francisco; I suspect would be too costly/prohibitive to succeed in a new CW tv-series. ("Warrior", a cancelled series, was filmed in South Africa, as I recall, but set in old San Francisco.)

Special redundant mention of the two sisters being very attractive (to me they're new faces who I'd not previously seen).

Good luck to the series and CW. I'm already looking forward to the subsequent episodes. I'm sorry I can't binge-watch it from the start. I hope it gets extended or a 2nd season soon.
04/07/21 at 11:45pm

Most of the people here should rewatch the original show, they apparently have completely forgotten its spirit…
Steve S.
04/07/21 at 11:37pm

“ A modern adaptation of the 1970s drama ” - hardly, those below rightfully expect a modern liberal distortion and thereby anything that remains from the past is effectively irrelevant. David Carradine in his acting came across as serious, reserved, conservative - a thoughtful character demanding respect. His not so private life was far apart from his acting persona. Nowadays Hollywood puts the weirdest of the weird in most of what they do. Weird and uninteresting is the norm. Really weird. Really uninteresting.
04/07/21 at 12:09pm

Hahaha Just Keith. Exactly.
04/03/21 at 02:01am

ANOTHER super woman show that is full of shit. TV has gone to hell. cancel now!
jim beam
03/22/21 at 07:01am

pleasssse someone make this stop, stop rehashing our tv favs from yester years just to be PC for today, surely batwoman and the equaliser have shown you how wrong you are to keep redoing these, they ruined doctor who, they now ruined 007, im sick of these tv people who have no clue for a new idea....errrr

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