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Apr 07, 2021 - Present


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A modern adaptation of the 1970s drama of the same name.

Nicky is a young Chinese-American woman who decides to drop out of college and embark on a life-altering journey to an isolated monastery in China.

But when she returns home to San Francisco, she finds that it has become overrun by crime and corruption, with her own parents at the mercy of a powerful triad.

With help from her family and friends, Nicky uses her martial arts training and Shaolin values to protect her community and bring criminals to justice - all while searching for the ruthless assassin who killed her mentor and is now coming after her.

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11/12/22 at 05:21am

Just Love Love Love the show!!!!! I think it's beautifully done. I love the family dynamics, the characters, the spirituality inherent. The storylines are intelligent and interesting. The show is thoughtful, and great to watch a young heroine do her thing, completely supported by her family and tied to the community. I think its fabulous!
03/09/22 at 06:46am

I skipped out on CW when Supernatural ended
Just Keith
03/09/22 at 06:06am

So... NOTHING like the original.
Steve S.
03/09/22 at 01:40am

"I have scrolled through this and I notice MOST of the negative comments have been made by 1 user."

yikes - ??? - I counted 7 different handles with negative comments, and I think they're likely different people.

And you didn't say anything about the show yourself except that CW should keep up all its good work. Strange. I quit CW because one can't skip over the plethora of commercials. Free has too high a cost for me.

A lot of weird comments though about a weird woke show.
02/08/22 at 09:55pm

I have scrolled through this and I notice MOST of the negative comments have been made by 1 user... Cancel culture trying to cancel ANOTHER good show... CW please keep up the good work, NOT everyone is into reality shows,dramas, and the mainstream. There is a HUGE culture that has been forgetten that you are catering to, and thank you for that... If what I am saying was a lie COMICON wouldnt be such a HUGE DEAL...
08/22/21 at 07:52am

Just wanted to say how much I have been appreciating and enjoying this show! I have been binge watching it over the last two weeks, and its really well done. Original and different and full of heart and valor. Love the parents, the male leads, and the brother as well. Hell, I like them all! Well done!
07/30/21 at 07:18pm

Today, I decided to no longer record this series. It just wasn't of enough interest for my liking. Sorry.
Wayne Spiller
07/11/21 at 01:38pm

Keep politics and hate issues out of tv shows. One hears more than enough through the media. The point of entertainment is to get away from real life and relax. My political views are my own, I do not need to have yours shoved down my throat. Not big on love interest crap either.
07/01/21 at 02:01pm

Congratulations to the cast & crew for getting OK'd for its 2nd season. I've since down-voted to a "2" as I'm not particularly interested in the on-going story-lines of searching-for-sword; looking-out-for-adversary; possible-love-interest.

I suppose I'm just not a big CW fan as I'm also not liking "Walker" and "The Outpost". I've already stopped watching the DC Universe shows and "Pandora". It's likely I'm just watching these three CW shows still as there's nothing else on of interest to me right now.
05/30/21 at 06:58pm

Absolute garbage show. I tried to stick in there hoping it was good, but was full out when it hit the Black Lives Matter crap. Ridiculous political brainwashing and anti-police rhetoric. Everyone’s lives matter, including the police. It’s sickening how everyone with camera thinks forcing their identity politics on everyone is what we want. They’re worse than religious nuts going door to door trying to force beliefs down your throat. Wake the fuck up! If I’m watching a goddamn movie or TV show, I didn’t come there to sit through a fucking political sermon. I don’t care what your fucking politics are and I don’t need to be told what to think and how to think. Fuck off!! I’m so sick of this shit. It’s literally everywhere you turn. I must’ve blocked five or six news feeds to try to get away from it, and no I have to sit through that shit on TV. What someone should do, is open up production studios that do movies and TV that don’t force feed people political agendas. It’s out of control.

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