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Jul 16, 2021 - Present






Luke - Tim RozonSusan - Sarah LevyPhil - Adam KorsonAugust - Maurice Dean WintZooey - Savannah BasleyMegan - Tennille Read

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A drama following a realty team with a talent for working with haunted homes.

The Roman Agency specializes in selling the houses that nobody else can. Led by realtor Nick Roman, this elite team handles haunted and possessed homes that literally scare away potential buyers.

Their job involves researching, investigating, and dealing with the restless spirits in order to create closure - and closings - even as they struggle with demons of their own.

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05/02/23 at 08:03pm

WHEN is this show coming back? It's been over a year since it was first cancelled and since the last episode.
Pam Lincoln
05/10/22 at 01:30pm

Woohoo this show is coming back! I love it ❤️
01/27/22 at 02:11pm

BOO HISS! I loved this show!
01/19/22 at 04:39pm

Loved this show. Well written and casting was spot on. Please give it another chance!
12/09/21 at 12:11pm

Why are the best programs cancelled. This was one of the best that has been on in quite some time.
10/15/21 at 09:56am

10/08/21 at 08:57pm

Come on -- make a decision. You left us with a great series finale, but a cliffhanger. Please decide to renew. It is so innovative and unique and we need something fresh like this. There are great characters and some awesome scares. Give it a second season!
08/23/21 at 06:41pm

Yep, we are onboard. Got my daughter hooked too. The stories keep getting better, scarier and interesting. The filming and sets are terrific, and we love learning more about the various characters. I really hope they pick this up for another season. It's so unique -- like combining a good Stephen King book with Supernatural!
08/23/21 at 08:53am

LOVE this show! Fresh concept, at least to me, and fresh faces.
Really enjoy the creativity, especially in the most recent episode.
08/20/21 at 10:56am

Who said this was a reality show to begin with? It says drama under genre. Although, I do love the comedic elements that are cleverly written into the scripts and the characters are definitely growing on me...not literally. I hope this garners enough of an audience to support a second season. Tell people about it.

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