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Jan 07, 2021 - Present




Host - Sara Haines

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A game show where contestants go up against a quiz genius.

This fast-paced quiz show sees contestants face off against an all-time Jeopardy great from either Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, or Brad Rutter, who will be determined to stop them from winning cash prizes.

The competitors must think as quickly as possible if they want to outwit the Chaser as they answer a number of questions across a range of topics.

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04/30/22 at 01:10am

This show worked with The Beast. James is good, but Ken and brad are too nice for this show. And that is a compliment to all of them. Ken should host Jeopardy. James should stay here. Brad can drop the fake bad guy act and hang around. Just my humble thoughts.
02/16/22 at 08:01am

I see they revised the show somewhat; there's now 4 chasers, and they reduced the payout for correct answers in the "Cash Building" phase of the show (10K, down from 25K). Sara is still overenthusiastic, almost to the point of being annoying, and they stillllll ask way too many loooong questions that eat up much of the play clock. The only way this show keeps things interesting is if they get Jeopardy class contestants who aren't afraid of going for the big offers.

One other thing that would help would be to see what the chaser picked at the same time they show what the contestant did in the "Chase" round. This would be a good idea to keep the game feeling honest and get rid of the delays we all suffer as the show tries to weave in drama or suspense (or fill run time).

Tweak this show the right way and who knows, it could stay around as long as the best game shows have in the past. Just stop trying to make Ken look like some kind of villain. Let the Beast do that.

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