The Mosquito Coast

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Apr 30, 2021 - Present


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Allie - Justin TherouxMargot - Melissa GeorgeDina - Logan PolishCharlie - Gabriel BatemanJones - Kimberly Elise

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An adventure drama following a radical idealist who uproots his family to Mexico.

Allie Fox is a brilliant inventor and radical idealist who embarks on a dangerous journey after deciding to uproot his family for Mexico in search of a safe haven.

Adapted from Paul Theroux's best-selling novel.

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Couch Potato
05/09/21 at 10:59am

A well told story. Slow at times, but enjoyable. This show will take a few episodes to develop. I don't see how dragging your family off the grid and on the run will sustain over many seasons. Keeping an open mind.
05/05/21 at 02:46pm

loving it so far!

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