The Mosquito Coast

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Apr 30, 2021 - Jan 06, 2023


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Allie - Justin TherouxMargot - Melissa GeorgeDina - Logan PolishCharlie - Gabriel BatemanJones - Kimberly Elise

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An adventure drama following a radical idealist who uproots his family to Mexico.

Allie Fox is a brilliant inventor and radical idealist who embarks on a dangerous journey after deciding to uproot his family for Mexico in search of a safe haven.

Adapted from Paul Theroux's best-selling novel.

Comments (3)

12/11/22 at 02:44pm

Seems OK for now but have no idea why they are on the run. Even the internet has no idea. Just says the FBI are after them and nothing in the show so far has explained why or what he did. See what happens. It's definitely got potential.
Couch Potato
05/09/21 at 10:59am

A well told story. Slow at times, but enjoyable. This show will take a few episodes to develop. I don't see how dragging your family off the grid and on the run will sustain over many seasons. Keeping an open mind.
05/05/21 at 02:46pm

loving it so far!

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