The Nevers

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Apr 11, 2021 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Amalia - Laura DonnellyLavinia - Olivia WilliamsHugo - James NortonAugie - Tom RileyPenance - Ann SkellyFrank - Ben ChaplinLord Massen - Pip TorrensDr. Cousens - Zackary MomohMaladie - Amy MansonDeclan - Nick FrostAnnie - Rochelle NeilMary - Eleanor TomlinsonDr. Hague - Denis O'Hare

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A sci-fi drama following a group of Victorian women who find themselves with odd abilities.

After a supernatural event occurs in Victorian London, certain people — mostly women — discover they now have abnormal abilities. They also find themselves part of a new underclass of citizens that are in grave danger.

A mysterious widow and a brilliant young inventor are given the responsibility of protecting and sheltering these gifted orphans. But to do so, they'll face the brutal forces determined to annihilate their kind.

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09/22/21 at 08:51pm

According to my brief internet research, S1Eps.6-12 are now in production in the UK, with the planned airings to be in 2022. That seems so far away, right now.
07/09/21 at 09:58am

Compare to other Fantasy episodes, this one was boring. I have only watch episode one and I don't believe I would watch any more. It was borring as h...
I had hoped it was similar to Netflix "The Irregulars", which got the ax earlier this year. But sadly no.
The quality also seemed a bit "cheap" and the recording stil reminded me of old fashin tv dramas from this period.
06/01/21 at 04:29pm

I now understand Eps. 1-6 is just Part 1 of the first season. Unfortunately, Eps. 7-12 (aka Part 2 of S1) is, so far, "vaporware". I'll be watching for it if the series ever returns.

(The series, "Taboo", never returned.)

Hopefully, this website and HBO will communicate and keep us or me up to date on this series.
David Wood
05/20/21 at 04:36pm

Are Laura Donnelly and Krysten Ritter twins?
05/17/21 at 01:32pm

I just saw the S1Ep6 (the season finale). I hope for a 2nd, longer season. Laura Donnelly as Amalia True just makes me want to see more of this story, even though I don't quite understand all which has transpired in S1.

It was nice to see Claudia Black (as "Stripe") again after not seeing much from her since the "Farscape" days.
05/04/21 at 07:46pm

So far, I like the series, but a bit concerned after hearing about forthcoming production/directing changes. I'm intrigued with whatever is going on with the main character "Amalia True" and look forward to finding out more.

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