The Republic of Sarah

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Jun 14, 2021 - Sep 06, 2021


The CW






Sarah - Stella BakerDanny - Luke MitchellMaya - Izabella AlvarezGrover - Ian DuffCorinne - Hope LaurenAJ - Nia Holloway

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A drama following a woman who helps a town become independent in order to protect its land.

The tranquil town of Greylock, N.H. is upended when a massive vein of a valuable mineral is discovered underneath it. When a mining company moves in with plans to extract the mineral, it threatens to wipe Greylock off the map.

With the townspeople in danger of losing their homes and livelihood, high school teacher Sarah Cooper steps up and proposes that Greylock declares independence. This would allow it to gain international sovereignty and protect its land for good.

After a federal judge agrees that Greylock isn't part of the United States, the town becomes a new nation. Now, Sarah and her allies have the daunting job of building a country from scratch.

Comments (9)

07/30/21 at 07:58am

Just two shows in, but I am finding it both interesting, compelling, and worthy.
07/13/21 at 04:20pm

Not every “first” will be a success. Will be watching reruns of The Mentalist for my “Baker” fix.
Howard L
07/08/21 at 08:40pm

Cute concept and started out with potential. But agree with David getting old very fast as it meanders from crisis to crisis without them looking out for how they will actually make it work over the long haul. I will be surprised if it is renewed.
07/06/21 at 11:52am

Only one episode in. I like it. The characters are good and I feel myself rooting for them. Curious to see where it goes.
06/25/21 at 08:51am

Interesting in a way: like a course in Running a Country 101.
But after 2 episodes of seeing them suffering one obstacle after another, it's starting to feel like watching a clueless kid trying to operate a household knowing nothing about paying for utilities, property tax, mowing the lawn, fixing the roof, etc.
Can get frustrating real fast.
06/23/21 at 08:48am

Hell NO! bring back Rebel!
06/14/21 at 07:48am

Hard Pass
Steve S.
06/14/21 at 00:17am

This looks pretty bad. Bring back the Sarah Connor Chronicles bumblenuts.
05/23/21 at 09:03am

Looking forward to watching this show!

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