The Wheel of Time

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Nov 19, 2021 - Present


Drama / Fantasy


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A fantasy drama based on Robert Jordan's novel series of the same name.

Moiraine is a member of the Aes Sedai, an order of women who can channel the power of magic. Looking to locate the latest reincarnation of the Dragon, the light's champion, she guides a group of young people on a journey around the world, believing one of them could be the powerful individual prophesied to save the world - or destroy it.

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10/15/23 at 09:28pm

Great Show! Season 2 even better!
Loki Robinson
09/29/23 at 03:25pm

Yet another terrible Prime show that gets renewed. Not sure which show is worse this or Foundation
Just Keith
09/01/23 at 06:38am

I watched the first season.
Somewhat unimpressive, but still better than Shadow and Bone.
I'll give the 2nd season a go.
Let's see if they sacrifice the LORE for the sake of pushing an AGENDA.
12/27/21 at 10:09am

Yeah, they screwed it up.

It has cool and watchable elements laced through the series, but the changes they made from the books undermines quite a lot of it, changes a lot and invalidates a lot - all in the name of wokeness, diversity and inclusion....they really should have just told a NEW Dragon Reborn story or something, not base it on the books when they chose to make it so different as to be jarring if you are familiar with the books.

I'd bet it will get a season 2, not sure if I will watch it though.
12/19/21 at 05:44pm

I agree. I can watch it, but it isn't entertaining.
Michael Swärdh
12/04/21 at 03:05pm

The show is good, some things are different from the books, but I hope they do not screw this up.
11/26/21 at 09:40am

It’s watchable, but not that interesting.
Steve S.
11/19/21 at 04:56am

It doesn't work for me but at least it's not labeled sci fi.
11/19/21 at 04:18am

Please don't screw this up... please don't screw this up ... please don't screw this up ....

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