The White Lotus

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Jul 11, 2021 - Present




Drama / Comedy


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A satirical comedy following the vacations of hotel guests at a tropical resort.

A variety of guests come to relax and rejuvenate in paradise over the course of a week. But as each day passes, a darker complexity starts to emerge in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel's welcoming employees, and the idyllic location itself.

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01/05/23 at 07:32pm

Just finished watching the first season-found the constant background music VERY distracting to the point where I turned off the sound & used subtitles.
10/24/22 at 03:35pm

I liked the season. It was a series like they used to be. I look forward to next season. I do want to say I don’t think they went too far in a few spots. When u watch u will know the spots also. No spoilers but the last episode “too far moment” was extremely unnecessary. I hope that changes in the next season. It will not take away from the show.
Regina Francis
08/10/21 at 06:21am

This show reminds me of a modern day love boat on land...rated R of course. Binge watched 4 of them..I enjoyed it. Weird how the same staff is always love boat.
Pure entertainment value...

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