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Nov 14, 2021 - Present






Teen Shauna - Sophie NélisseAdult Shauna - Melanie LynskeyTeen Taissa - Jasmin Savoy BrownAdult Taissa - Tawny CypressTeen Misty - Sammi HanrattyAdult Misty - Christina RicciTeen Natalie - Sophie ThatcherAdult Natalie - Juliette LewisJackie - Ella PurnellBen - Steven KruegerCat - Amy OkudaAdult Jeff - Warren Kole

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A drama following the survivors of a plane crash in the remote wilderness.

25 years ago, a team of high school girls soccer players were involved in a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness that they were lucky to survive.

Now all these years later, we learn about their lives over that time, and how they went from a complicated but thriving team to savage clans. We also see the lives they've attempted to piece back together, proving that the past can never really be left behind and what began out in the wilderness is far from over.

Comments (5)

03/17/23 at 03:11pm

great show
Jason Lovewell
01/15/22 at 09:45pm

great series a little slow but it takes off about ep 3 perfect cast excellent Segway highly recommend .
12/11/21 at 06:32pm

The first episode was too chaotic for me. I erased the next 3 episodes and cancelled the series record. I like several of the actresses but just wasn't willing to commit to it. I can always catch it On Demand if I change my mind but I'm recording about 30 other shows and this one just didn't grab me like I had hoped it would.
11/30/21 at 06:50am

This show is getting a little more interesting as it goes on. I'll keep watching for a while.
Steve S.
11/14/21 at 00:55am

Adult Juliette Lewis "reconnecting" with a gun. The only thing missing is Alec Baldwin.

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