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Nov 17, 2022




Drama / Horror




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A mystery drama following an immigrant ship that encounters a mysterious vessel adrift on the open sea.

A group of European passengers on an immigrant ship traveling from London to the new continent get caught in a mysterious riddle when they come across a second vessel adrift on the open sea.

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Mike F
06/04/23 at 08:35am

Maybe Prime, Paramount, Peacock, etc,. can pick this one up for a well-deserved Season 2.
05/29/23 at 02:32am

Absolutely loved this show, scratched that itch I was left with after Dark and The OA to name a couple.

You'd think Netflix would understand mystery shows need time to build an audience after the creators gave Netflix the success that is Dark. Giving it a measly 28 days during the holiday season before cancelling it is laughable. Wtf is the point of investing so much money into a show and cancelling it so quickly despite it performing well? According to the creators, it didn't bring in enough NEW subs, but the views were good. What is it with Netflix and refusing to focus even just a little bit on customer retention once in a while? Big L.
01/09/23 at 01:32pm

I cannot believe with the price Netflix is charging, that they think they have the luxury to continue to cancel their best shows. With the economy as is, nf is too darn expensive for them to do this BS... GET YOU ACT STRAIGHT NF, OR MANY MANY MANY PEOPLE WILL BE USING OTHER VIABLE STREAMING SERVICES. YOU NO LONGER ARE TUE ONLY GAME IN TOWN!!!
Steve S.
11/17/22 at 00:59am

Good soundtrack. Can't tell if it's grave or silly from the promo. Don't know who made this but Brits are all upon TV near you.

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