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Oct 06, 2022 - Mar 30, 2023








Eileen - Hilary SwankStanley - Jeff PerryBob - Matt MalloyClaire - Meredith HolzmanRoz - Grace DoveGabriel - Pablo CastelblancoJieun - Ami ParkAustin - Craig Frank

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A drama following a journalist who moves to Alaska to work for an Anchorage newspaper.

Eileen Fitzgerald is a recently disgraced reporter from New York who leaves her high-profile career behind looking for a fresh start at a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska. There, she begins a journey to find personal and professional redemption.

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09/04/23 at 12:29pm

I completely agree with Paula! This was an excellent show. Hopefully it will be picked up like Longmire was. I sometimes wonder just what the hell the networks are thinking when they cancel great shows and keep crap
09/02/23 at 07:20pm

Really disappointed in ABC for canceling this show. Seems they don’t realize when they have a good thing. Someone needs to get their head out if they’re behinds at ABC.
Lorren Cooper
08/23/23 at 07:57pm

Sad that Alaska Daily is canceled. It’s story about missing teen girls and women must have pissed off too many liberals that condone that.
08/03/23 at 05:02pm

Please bring it back!! Loved all the characters, the story lines were awesome and the scenery is beautiful!!
Nancy Bowman
07/02/23 at 11:26am

Bring back Alaska Daily, great show and characters. Hopefully another some other station will pick it up!!
Peter Gero
06/28/23 at 07:41pm

Excellent show - very interesting characters and well acted. Come on - some other network - continue this show and it might develop a "cult following".
06/19/23 at 00:55am

I think when people say it got too political, they mean the storyline touched on the uncomfortable truths of their chosen party.
06/16/23 at 04:17pm

Best show of this season. Alaska Daily was so fantastic. Every character was amazing! Super stupid to pull this show!
Suzanne Siu
06/13/23 at 07:43pm

Husband and I LOVED this compelling series!! We have talked it up to all our friends and families that had not yet discovered. Great actors and great story line! Please bring it back!!!
06/08/23 at 08:42pm

Just started watching this show after getting Hulu. Really like its characters, themes and showing the more real Alaska. It brought back such wonderful memories of Alaska and its people after traveling there for almost two months staying in peoples’s homes. It’s not political, it’s reflecting current issues that we need to know and care about. Please bring it back.

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