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Oct 06, 2022 - Mar 30, 2023








Eileen - Hilary SwankStanley - Jeff PerryBob - Matt MalloyClaire - Meredith HolzmanRoz - Grace DoveGabriel - Pablo CastelblancoJieun - Ami ParkAustin - Craig Frank

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A drama following a journalist who moves to Alaska to work for an Anchorage newspaper.

Eileen Fitzgerald is a recently disgraced reporter from New York who leaves her high-profile career behind looking for a fresh start at a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska. There, she begins a journey to find personal and professional redemption.

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02/27/24 at 03:05pm

Wish this hadn’t been canceled I was so looking forward to many more seasons. It was showing the beautiful state of Alaska while bring attention to what is happening everyday to the women, teens and children. We need more awareness of what is happening around us, not another dance show or comedy or even worse reality bachelor and bachelorette shows. Please someone pick this show up!!!!
John Ennis
12/28/23 at 01:23pm

I too are disappointed that this show had been cancelled. Maybe if it included football , they would have kept it. I don’t think anyone at the networks reads these comments anyway
12/27/23 at 07:00pm

I agree with the previous comments. Alaska Daily should not have been canceled. I really enjoyed watching it. Its creative and informative touching on real life concerns in a fictional social media platform.
12/15/23 at 02:27am

This was a great show and I'm very disappointed it's cancelled. Hilary swank is perfect in this role as well are the other actors in theirs. It's very important that awareness about what is happening to indigenous people is brought to the public. The characters are interesting and the story line is compelling. A smart network should pick this up and continue the series. This story needs to continue!!
12/12/23 at 07:37pm

This show is so great. Please bring it back. The story line, the characters, and the actors are so intriguing. We don’t need hours of games shows and every station shows crime something or CSI everywhere in the world. Please reconsider renewing.
Lynda Seibert
11/19/23 at 03:06pm

I loved this show! Please bring it back. It had great story lines, things that are really relevant to today. This show was so good, with great actors, storyline and beautiful scenery.
10/09/23 at 07:07am

What is wrong with these networks canceling every good show and keeping the stupid dumb ones year after year…. Networks are REALLY going downhill!!!
09/23/23 at 10:13am

I thought this was an interesting and intriguing show. Maybe it would help the public understand what is happening to the indigenous people and try to find a way to stop what is happening to them. The world needs to be at peace with all. Try to get this show back on the air.
09/08/23 at 09:48am

Perhaps if the main character was likeable . . .
09/05/23 at 08:50pm

Just saw that Alaska Daily was not renewed. It was a quality show and should not have been cancelled!!

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