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Eileen - Hilary SwankStanley - Jeff PerryBob - Matt MalloyClaire - Meredith HolzmanRoz - Grace DoveGabriel - Pablo CastelblancoJieun - Ami ParkAustin - Craig Frank

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A drama following a journalist who moves to Alaska to work for an Anchorage newspaper.

Eileen Fitzgerald is a recently disgraced reporter from New York who leaves her high-profile career behind looking for a fresh start at a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska. There, she begins a journey to find personal and professional redemption.

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03/12/23 at 03:15pm

I see I inadvertently left out Meredith Holzman's character who could use more story-time. I'm now only on Ep.4. Perhaps she'll get more presence.

Each character does get some story-time and they are all interesting.
03/12/23 at 01:24pm

I've, so far, only watched the 1st episode and presently "binge-watching" the rest today. Ep. 2 is playing on my tv right now, btw. I really like the female characters: Eileen, Roz, and Yuna.

I like the Alaskan setting, even though this is apparently filmed in British Columbia, as many shows/movies are doing so lately.

For folks reading this, both Yellowstone tv show and Wind River movie have also featured the Native American female murder problem/issue.
Jim S
12/15/22 at 09:02pm

Best new show this season. Great storyline. Good focus on terrible crimes that have too little police focus. This show should be on everyone's watch list.

Maybe if our idiot congress would do their job we could bring more resources to bear on missing native and black Americans rather than on blond white girls.
Kathy M
11/26/22 at 07:20pm

I love this show. Great acting. Interesting characters. Hillary Swank is great in the role.
11/18/22 at 05:36pm

Yeah, it is a little slow and Hillary Swank is too big for the role. The star of this show should be Alaska itself. But it's better than so much out there and is unique enough to be interesting. I'll keep watching
11/09/22 at 10:55pm

I’ve seen three episodes so far and it drags on too slowly. I would rather see more Alaskan scenery since the plot is so narrow and so little progress is made to keep it interesting. Hillary Swank is not given much range. Her two modes are angry or confused. I’d be really surprised if this survived one season. I was hoping for more depth.
Jim M
11/04/22 at 03:36pm

Great acting, and interesting characters. I hope it has enough stories and plots for an Alaskan environment. Then again, Northern Exposure had good legs for 6 years!
Dave W
10/21/22 at 10:41am

Grace Dove is fabulous in her role.
Steve S.
10/06/22 at 00:37am

I was going to try but the preview looks and sounds overdone idealistic and feminine sissified. I don't want the opposite either: crass and underdone.

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