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Oct 06, 2022 - Mar 30, 2023








Eileen - Hilary SwankStanley - Jeff PerryBob - Matt MalloyClaire - Meredith HolzmanRoz - Grace DoveGabriel - Pablo CastelblancoJieun - Ami ParkAustin - Craig Frank

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A drama following a journalist who moves to Alaska to work for an Anchorage newspaper.

Eileen Fitzgerald is a recently disgraced reporter from New York who leaves her high-profile career behind looking for a fresh start at a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska. There, she begins a journey to find personal and professional redemption.

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06/07/23 at 10:16pm

Absolutely one of the best shows on this season, maybe got a little too political for the upper echelons of Alaska. Possibly got a lot of pressure because they were pushing the lack of investigations in native people murders.
06/06/23 at 04:17pm

Enjoyed it until it became too political, stopped watching.
Matthew G.
06/03/23 at 07:35pm

I glad it was cancelled because I was not into it, like it was NOT my vibe. The reason why I think they theh have cancelled the show is that they were unhappy with the viewership. This show, along with "Big Sky" and "Company You Keep" got cancelled as well.
06/02/23 at 05:05am

Watched it every week. Totally original show. Very compelling. Covering new ground!!
05/31/23 at 07:39pm

Another reason to hate network TV. They are gutless losers who can’t think beyond Survivor and The Bachelor.
Nancy Snow
05/29/23 at 02:36pm

Can’t believe this was cancelled. Could it be picked up by another entity?
05/29/23 at 01:55pm

Abc has to wonder why lack of viewership, to many shows have been cancelled that have been good shows
That we the viewing public have invested our time and yet cancelled
with less viewers means less of advertising revenues, need to bring back Alaska daily.
05/27/23 at 11:57am

Best new show ever. Why was it canceled? Who is the dumbbell Vickie this decisions?
05/24/23 at 04:56pm

This was the one show I watched on ABC.
Larry Schmidt
05/24/23 at 03:23pm

You got to be kidding. This was a great show!!!!

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