Astrid & Lilly Save the World

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Jan 26, 2022 - Mar 30, 2022




Drama / Comedy




Astrid - Jana MorrisonLilly - Samantha Aucoin

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A dramedy following two best friends who accidentally open a portal to a monster dimension.

Astrid and Lilly are two outcast best friends who accidentally open up a portal to a terrifyingly quirky monster dimension. As if high school life wasn't complicated enough, it's now up to them to vanquish the creatures and save the world, becoming the heroes they were always meant to be.

Comments (6)

Truth Teller 3000
04/13/22 at 05:12am

This show is absolute trash. Watched the entire season with my wife who was also reluctant but wanted to give it a chance. At no point the entire season was it ever interesting. Waste of time. Maybe if I were brain dead it would be more enjoyable. Get this trash off the air.
03/31/22 at 08:32am

We already know the left/wokesters are biggest crybabies who always blame others never take blame for anything. This show is ok nothing great longest run I see 2 seasons at most.
02/03/22 at 09:15am

Your right Stephen this show is trying to protect democracy from the right wing extremist. Isn't that what woke means?
Stella D.B.
02/01/22 at 10:03am

This show is not in the least woke and only trolls would think so. Are you a troll?
01/28/22 at 09:57am

This work is of great importance in protecting us from right wing extremist trying to take down democracy and our modern society.
Steve S.
01/26/22 at 02:28am

Race, gender, and monsters. Woke-fy not sci-fy.

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