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Nov 03, 2022








Timmy - Randall ParkEliza - Melissa FumeroCarlos - Tyler AlvarezHannah - Madeleine ArthurConnie - Olga MeredizPercy - J.B. SmooveKayla - Kamaia Fairburn

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A workplace comedy following employees at America's last Blockbuster Video store.

Film buff Timmy is the manager of the last Blockbuster Video store in America. Along with his second-in-command Eliza and the rest of his staff, Timmy does his best to keep the store relevant. The best way to do that is to remind their community that the human connection they provide is something you can't find with big corporations.

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Just Someone
06/30/23 at 06:52pm

I know it was cancelled but I like Randall Park and Blockbuster is nostaligic for me so I'm going to watch this anyway.
Morne Stumke
06/16/23 at 08:39am

Melissa Fumero was amazing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Unfortunately, in this she was boring, slow and not funny at all, which is a crying shame because she is an amazing actress. The rest of the cast where as good as they would ever be. I really hope she gets a part in a better comedy with a better script and way better screenwriters.
Just Someone
05/04/23 at 09:43pm

I bet Ashton Bingham of Trilogy Media would love this show! haha.
Steve S.
11/03/22 at 11:00am

I'm waiting on hold on the phone forever so I finally picked up my tablet.

You got me Josh. I would have bet the house it closed long ago. I remember seeing something about it on the news what must have been over a decade ago. I'll have to look it up. Amazing.

I wish there was a Tower Record store - that's the one I forever miss,
11/03/22 at 09:09am

@Steve S.

Oh do you now? Then you're aware the last blockbuster is still open right?
Steve S.
11/03/22 at 03:16am

I know the ending.

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