Family Law

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Oct 02, 2022 - Present


The CW


Drama / Legal


Abigail - Jewel StaiteHarry - Victor Garber

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A drama following a lawyer forced to work at her estranged father's law firm.

Abigail Bianchi is a personal injury lawyer who is suspended due to a drinking problem and only allowed to practice law again if she finds a senior lawyer willing to take her on during a probationary period.

The only man willing to take the risk is her estranged father, who runs the top family law practice in the city. Now Abby has to work for her dad and her half siblings in order to get her life back on track.

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Cheri M
11/30/22 at 12:09pm

I just started watching this.... my expectations were not too high as sometimes CW's prgrams are just mehhh.... I am really enjoying this show.
06/23/22 at 11:17am

Good show. The first season finished airing on Canada tv months ago. I guess they are doing a US release.... I hope there isn't a delay in season 2 airing.

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