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Mar 31, 2022 - May 19, 2022








Tom - Pete Holmes

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A comedy following a midwest man who switches careers to become a pro bowler.

Tom Smallwood is a Detroit husband and father who, after getting let go from his assembly line job, takes a chance on fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a pro bowler.

Based on the true 'modern-day Michigan fable' of three-time PBA Tour winner Tom Smallwood.

Comments (7)

05/17/22 at 06:08pm

Strike.... psych!
04/04/22 at 09:57am

This one is hard to get through, unfortunately none of the jokes hit and the characters are all very subdued. Pete Holmes is a great comedian, but this show doesn’t show his talent.
04/02/22 at 06:25pm

Just finished watching the re-rolled out pilot episode. This show has possibilities but will never go anywhere unless they dial back the laugh track. Given time it could deserve those big laughs but only chuckles reflect the current state of character development. Networks can’t force funny anymore!
03/31/22 at 08:38am

Actually goes on to do okay in short first season, but the writer have no more bowling storylines to use and it becomes a show about the dad selling fake makeup in the second season. Oh and the wife died off screen and they don't mention why, and one kid is chuck Cunninghamed.
Roberts wrong
03/31/22 at 03:42am

CBS didn’t can it after 1 season, they canned it after 4 episodes & will burn off the rest of the season at some ungodly hour when no one would watch it, not that anyone did anyways when it was on at a respectable one
03/27/22 at 09:19am

I think Robert sees the future. This show looks horrible and they're barely promoting it. Will probably be canceled quick.
03/05/22 at 09:42am

It looked just okay in the previews and didn't look like the type of show I'd like.

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