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Sep 11, 2022 - Dec 06, 2022








Dottie - Susan SarandonNicky - Anna FrielAlbie - Trace AdkinsLuke - Josh SasseGigi - Beth Ditto

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A musical drama following the life of America's first family of country music.

Reigning King of Country Music Albie Roman and his talented wife, Queen of Country Music Dottie Cantrell Roman, have created a country music dynasty. But while their name is synonymous with authenticity, the foundation of their success is a lie.

When their reign as country royalty is jeopardized after dangerous truths come to light, heir to the crown Nicky Roman will stop at nothing to protect her family's legacy while on her own quest for stardom.

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01/03/23 at 04:45pm

Amy, I agree with you. I loved this show because it was campy and fun. I didn’t find it “Woke”. I guess everyone has a different definition of woke. Acting was okay to me.
11/10/22 at 11:09am

I seem to be a lone voice, but I rather like it. Its fun and campy. Why are people so afraid of having characters who are heavy or bisexual? That is not what the show is about. Its just life. Its not a woke show, its centered in Texas where people are expected to be a certain something. Debutantes and all, and media expectations. I don't care if the acting is bad and the plot is what it is. I think its fun to watch. I personally think the woke police don't have to watch if they don't enjoy it. And New Amsterdam is on its 5th season. It has an audience. So does this. Campy and Country music. What is wrong with that?
10/13/22 at 07:28pm

wow! Not cancelled yet? Someone must have some serious clout or blackmail going on the Fox Network.
09/26/22 at 06:59pm

Why did you pick this Susan? Sucks bad....
09/25/22 at 03:15pm

The show is weak. The son can’t act and neither can the 300 lb sister. Trace should stick to music because his acting is not great. The writing is an issue combined with a weak cast. It won’t make it for a second season and will be done before Thanksgiving.
09/22/22 at 07:03am

Ratings for episode 2 tanked like this show blows.
09/21/22 at 10:34am

This show would need to get a lot better just to suck.
09/12/22 at 10:13pm

Susan Sarandon has really gone downhill since Rocky Horror Picture Show.
09/12/22 at 08:47am

More trash from the woke left. Hot woman who just had an affair with hot guy is married to 300 lb woman. Of course, it seems real. The stars are impressive (except for Susan Sarandon) and the music is great but the rest is a woke soap opera setting. Hope Fox realizes this and cancels before any more BS is spewed from this show.
09/10/22 at 02:18pm

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