Night Sky

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May 20, 2022


Drama / Sci-fi




Irene - Sissy SpacekFranklin - J.K. Simmons

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A drama following a couple who discover a chamber that leads to another planet.

Irene and Franklin York are an aging couple who discovered a chamber buried in their backyard years ago, that leads to a mysterious, deserted planet. They have always kept this secret to themselves... until now.

When an enigmatic young man enters the picture, the Yorks' quiet life is turned upside down, as they come to learn that the mystifying chamber they thought they knew so well turns out to be more than they ever could have imagined.

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11/12/23 at 08:41pm

Oh my gawd, this was great! how could this be canceled? I wanted to know what was living on that planet. Great acting... such a lovely old couple. I will admit so real to life in the everyday interactions of older couples. That part was sad because it reminded me of my parents.
04/05/23 at 06:04pm

Excellent show. Excellent acting. Excellent storyline. What’s wrong Amazon? Maybe a little promotion would have shot this to the top. Renew the show and do it justice.
11/14/22 at 09:21pm

Once again a great show is cancelled by a network/service that has no idea how exceptional it was. They should have called it “Firefly 2.0”.
10/25/22 at 09:37am

I can't say that I'm surprised this got cancelled. I stuck with it every week, hoping SOMETHING interesting would happen. It finally the final episode! Too bad, too. Everyone in it was great, and the production values were fine, too. This is all on the writers and whoever had final script approval. The story line just took WAY too long's sensibilities being what they are (ten second attention spans).
09/16/22 at 08:00pm

Can't believe they cancelled this, what an amazing show.
Richard J. Blanco
08/26/22 at 11:05pm

Say it ain't so Amazon, I really enjoy this show it's kind along the same lines of severance on Apple plus, I wish they would do another season the actors are fantastic the storylines are really good and the way each actor fits into the character is so flawless I'm surprised Amazon didn't renew this one
08/21/22 at 04:49pm

I just finished it. I really liked it. I wish it weren't canceled!!
Sit down
08/12/22 at 01:19am

Damn David Nace I guess they weren't aiming for the klu Klux Klan viewers. I know reading is hard but sometimes you need to give your itty bitty brain a good stretch.
Dave Nace
06/12/22 at 05:28am

Really liked the show but hated the scenes when only Spanish was spoken. Don't know why this is so important particularly when both actors spoke English as well. Are we placating the Latino community at the expense of English speaking people? Hope this stops in future productions.
Justin Mitchell
05/28/22 at 11:43am

An excellent show with some terrific acting but the writing can get very slow and cumbersome in places but is an interesting premise. I hear this is a one off show that will not be repeated but I am hoping for a season 2 anyway

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