Shining Vale

- Cancelled -
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Mar 06, 2022 - Dec 01, 2023




Comedy / Horror




Robyn - Sherilyn FennPat - Courteney CoxTerry - Greg KinnearGaynor - Gus BirneyJake - Dylan GageRosemary - Mira SorvinoKam - Merrin DungeyJoan - Judith Light

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A horror comedy following a family that moves into a house where terrible atrocities have taken place.

Pat Phelps is a former wild child who rose to fame by writing a raunchy female empowerment novel. Now 17 years later, Pat is unhappy with her life. She hasn't yet written her second novel, is unfulfilled in her marriage, and her teenagers want nothing to do with her.

Looking for a fresh start, the family cashes in their savings and moves from the city to a large old house in a small town that has a troubled history. And for Pat, she seems to be the only one to notice that her new home is inhabited by demons.

Comments (2)

02/12/24 at 03:04pm

Noooooo I loved this! Why cancel?!
Steve S.
03/06/22 at 00:45am

"raunchy female empowerment novel" - we can guess this Pat's gender - when she was a "wild child" anyway

Kinnear 's usually iffy too. Naturally, he's cast as Terry.

This comedy is loaded with veterans so it should have a chance.

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