The First Lady

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Apr 17, 2022 - Jun 19, 2022








Michelle - Viola DavisBetty - Michelle PfeifferEleanor - Gillian Anderson

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An anthology drama looking at the personal and political lives of women at the heart of the White House.

This drama explores the lives of Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Eleanor Roosevelt - from their journeys to Washington, family life, and important political contributions.

Comments (8)

10/22/22 at 11:32pm

Tv networks forcing leftwing ideology on people has failed.Discovery putting rainbow banners on the screen during shows,still pandering the blm propaganda after the top of the org was caught stealing the money.This show is just another
08/12/22 at 11:02am

The show failed Obama Style.
06/20/22 at 05:29am

Whoever is the idiot that posted the Trump 2024 post - you are a moron
TRUMP 2024
05/30/22 at 12:08pm

Typical democrat Obama bullshlt propaganda show.
The Punisher
04/17/22 at 08:21pm

No desire to see manchelle obama....
Steve S.
04/17/22 at 02:07pm

she DIDN'T get
Steve S.
04/17/22 at 02:06pm

Jada Pinkett Smith is privately whining she get the role, which I think she should have gotten based on her skills.
Just Keith
04/17/22 at 08:00am

The only reason Mike Obama is on there is for political reasons.
It didn't actually contribute much at all compared to others that can be used as an example.

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