The Old Man

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Jun 16, 2022 - Present






Dan - Jeff BridgesHarold - John LithgowZoe - Amy BrennemanAngela - Alia ShawkatJulian - Gbenga Akinnagbe

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A drama following an ex-CIA agent who finds himself on the run from people who want to kill him.

Dan Chase is a former CIA agent who has been living off the grid for years. When he realizes an unknown assassin is targeting him, Dan is forced out of hiding and finds himself chased by a friend from his past.

Based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Perry.

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08/01/22 at 03:50pm

Sort of slow to start ep1, but it's a slow burn that really gets going.I think it's worth the watch,and it ends the season on a reasonable "we'll pick up next season from this point" type of place. Not a cliffhanger per say,but NOT a seasonal story arc end either and It left me wanting another three episodes to conclude this seasons story arc and start the next one.... but they don't give it to you...thus..leaving you wanting's good though.
Steve S.
06/20/22 at 04:52pm

I watched the first two episodes and it was clunky until about half-way thru the second. Everything felt contrived even though truly ridiculous stuff can often feel less contrived. Lithgow is good and I got used to Jeff Bridges, or maybe it's his beard that I got used to. He's good in it and it looks interesting going into the third episode. It seems like a limited series but that's what I expected Prison Break to be, so who knows where this goes. They screw with the viewer in this to make it interesting. Has some laughs too, yes the dogs work - nothing like loyal dogs. Could be good if they don't screw it up.
06/20/22 at 01:14pm

He wouldn't last long without his dogs.
Steve S.
06/16/22 at 09:06am

Would you believe Jeff acted on Sea Hunt? Beau? Bruce Dern? Robert Conrad? Larry Hagman? Jack Nicholson? Leonard Nimoy? All dead or old men and not quite dead yet. If you you knew the answers, you are very, very old.
Steve S.
06/16/22 at 05:26am

Jeff Bridges, without doubt, is an old man. Older than William Hurt, but not quite Nick Nolte old, or even Joe Biden old, but he's creaky. Usually, drunk too.

Didn't like the preview but maybe I'll check it out.

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