Break Point

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Jan 13, 2023 - Jan 10, 2024






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A docuseries following the lives of a group of professional tennis players.

This documentary series follows a diverse group of top tennis players on and off the court as they compete in demanding slams with hopes of winning a final and climbing up the rankings to become the world's number one.

Over the course of an entire year, the series follows the players across the world for all four Grand Slams and the ATP and WTA tours.

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Steve S.
01/13/23 at 01:01am

I made the below comments before I watched the preview. I nailed it. I would never watch this. Tennis is far far better than the crap you'll see here.
Steve S.
01/13/23 at 00:55am

I wish 'diverse' meant what it used to, but hope it's traditional diverse and not woke. Even though this must be reality documentary, I would have given it a go based on what I read a few days ago elsewhere. I thought it was supposed to be about tennis players on the "minor league" circuit trying to break in. That could be informative and interesting. But it says here it's about top players and slams, which has no relation to what I thought. Watch the coverage on whatever TV you got and it stuffed with endless yapping and sometimes little tennis (like an advertisement for their more costly channels) so if you watch tennis any you get a full helping plus desert of all aspects of the pro situation. Maybe they can cover more of the mental illness problem there as the semi-pros can handle losing and struggling finances better, like most of us. The pros have the biggest egos and are more apt to whine when life isn't perfect. Don't need to see more of the ones that are ungracious idiots, although most aren't.

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