Extended Family

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Dec 23, 2023 - Mar 26, 2024








Jim - Jon CryerTrey - Donald FaisonJulia - Abigail SpencerGrace - Sofia CapannaJimmy Jr. - Finn Sweeney

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A comedy following a guy dealing with his ex-wife's new relationship with his favorite sports team's owner.

After an amicable divorce, Jim and Julia decide to keep raising their kids at the family home while taking turns on who stays with them. Navigating the waters of divorce and child-sharing gets increasingly complicated for Jim when Trey, the owner of his favorite sports team, enters Julia's life and wins her heart.

Comments (7)

Joseph Dugan
03/20/24 at 09:18pm

ExTended Family is a reason why The Sitcom Is DEAD.
Juicy Lucy
02/22/24 at 09:15am

This show gives me anxiety. I really wanted to like it as I really like all the characters but, as someone mentioned, delivering 500 words a minute is a lot to take in. It isn't relaxing for me. I watch 30 minute comedy shows to relax and hopefully get a laugh or at least a chuckle but this show requires to much attention to keep up with. Please slow the dialog!!!!!
02/09/24 at 12:33pm

Extended family is so bad laugh track premise of whole show is stupid the supposed acting acting is terrible. The whole show is a load of crap
02/06/24 at 09:51pm

Absolutely horrible. I have tried 3 different times and just can’t get through a full episode. There is nothing funny nor interesting. Waste of time watching this show. Sad since the actors are usually funny.
Dermot McDermott
01/01/24 at 10:25am

I wanted to like this. I was hoping for an interesting comedy involving brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, children, grandparents, in-laws, etc. Instead we get bald Ducky bickering with his ex-wife for 22 minutes. Why do “comedy” writers seem to think that delivering dialogue at 500 words per minute automatically makes it funny? This show is most definitely NOT funny. Nothing has any room to breathe, the “jokes” are lame and mean-spirited, and the laugh track makes it even worse. It’s truly awful and ought to be canceled immediately, which means that it will probably run for three seasons before being put out of its—and our—misery.
Janet F
12/23/23 at 05:24pm

Seven minutes into the show and WOW-this is awful!!!
Steve S.
12/23/23 at 05:30am

Three ways to not like this. Another threegamy and a waste for Abigail.

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