Fatal Attraction

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Apr 30, 2023 - Present






Dan - Joshua JacksonAlex - Lizzy CaplanBeth - Amanda PeetEllen - Alyssa JirrelsMike - Toby HussEarl - Reno WilsonArthur - Brian Goodman

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A psychological thriller that reimagines the 1987 film of the same name.

When a midlife crisis leads married man Dan Gallagher to cheat on his wife, things spiral out of control when the other woman doesn't want it to end.

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Jolie B
05/18/23 at 03:24pm

I tried watching this but after 3 episodes, I finally gave up. It drags on and bores the viewer. There is also zero chemistry between the 2 leads so the whole thing comes off as very cringy. Maybe with a different cast it would have worked.
Just Keith
04/30/23 at 10:05am

Saw the movie. I know how it ends.
Steve S.
04/30/23 at 01:15am

Preview suggests it might be told out of order, if so, I find that a disturbing trend. Joshua is looking both cherub and pernicious and Elizabeth, his match, quite the bwitch, another trend.

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