Fatal Attraction

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Apr 30, 2023 - May 28, 2023








Dan - Joshua JacksonAlex - Lizzy CaplanBeth - Amanda PeetEllen - Alyssa JirrelsMike - Toby HussEarl - Reno WilsonArthur - Brian Goodman

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A psychological thriller that reimagines the 1987 film of the same name.

When a midlife crisis leads married man Dan Gallagher to cheat on his wife, things spiral out of control when the other woman doesn't want it to end.

Comments (6)

12/31/23 at 01:43am

Just watched this on dvd. Good show, but they should have tied everything up. I do not see a season 2 working without Lizzy Caplan. Is the daughter the new Alex? Dan should move along with his life. Arthur should stay quiet. He tried to do the right thing by his friends. Of course Paramount does not give a fuck if they leave us hanging.
10/26/23 at 10:44am

Canceled By Paramount+
A changed story
06/10/23 at 11:05am

Barely watched the 1st episode. Glad I kept with it. It’s some good of an acquired taste
Jolie B
05/18/23 at 03:24pm

I tried watching this but after 3 episodes, I finally gave up. It drags on and bores the viewer. There is also zero chemistry between the 2 leads so the whole thing comes off as very cringy. Maybe with a different cast it would have worked.
Just Keith
04/30/23 at 10:05am

Saw the movie. I know how it ends.
Steve S.
04/30/23 at 01:15am

Preview suggests it might be told out of order, if so, I find that a disturbing trend. Joshua is looking both cherub and pernicious and Elizabeth, his match, quite the bwitch, another trend.

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