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Oct 12, 2023 - Present






Frasier - Kelsey GrammerFreddy - Jack Cutmore-ScottAlan - Nicholas LyndhurstOlivia - Toks OlagundoyeEve - Jess SalgueiroDavid - Anders KeithLilith - Bebe NeuwirthRoz - Perri Gilpin

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A revival and sequel series to the hit 1990s comedy.

Retired psychiatrist Frasier Crane enters the next chapter of his life as he returns to Boston with new challenges to face, new relationships to explore, and some old dreams to finally fulfill.

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01/24/24 at 09:52am

My wife likes this new version; I'll watch it w/her but I didn't like the V.1 or this V.2, hence my lower rating (2).
10/31/23 at 10:17pm

more cash for the cash strapped.
When will they think of something new?
10/18/23 at 09:49pm

So far it is full of the sarcasm that was the appeal of the previous series. I love the writing but will need to get used to some of the new characters.
Grizz Lee Bear
10/16/23 at 11:48pm

I tried to watch this, but it was just too long-winded, There is no intelligence that I can see. Is this what the writers were striking for?? No story, no direction, no acting, no chemistry, No Roz, no Niles and no Daphne. I really wanted to like this show.
10/14/23 at 03:08pm

@Steven, according to Grammar, he was not interested in reprising the role of Niles. It's a shame: the physical comedy he brought to the series is what made it such a success.
10/12/23 at 06:56pm

Not impressed so far. Cannot stand the nephew character and Nick Lyndhurst as the British prof doesn’t work for me at all. It may improve but not a patch on the original.
10/12/23 at 06:27pm

Watched first two episodes. The original just flowed. The acting was excellent, the writers were awesome. I am going to stick with it, but I just feel like something is missing. The acting just feels off to me. Maybe I just need to give it more time.
10/12/23 at 02:22am

I love the first two episodes, I give it 2
Kim C Brown
10/10/23 at 08:32am

Though it is listed as Paramount +, It looks like they are showing 1st two episodes on CBS as well... awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing the new take on Frazier but will not be following it to Paramount +. Dirty trick.
09/23/23 at 01:41am

Is David Hyde Pierce not reprising his role?

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