• Season 3 of 'Night Court' premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 8:30pm.

Night Court

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Jan 17, 2023 - Present






Abby - Melissa RauchDan - John LarroquetteOlivia - India de BeaufortNeil - Kapil Talwalkar

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An updated take on the 1984 comedy of the same name.

Abby Stone, the daughter of the late Harry Stone, is an eternally optimistic judge who is following in her father's footsteps by presiding over the night shift of a Manhattan arraignment court.

Judge Stone spends her nights trying to bring order to the court's crew of oddballs and cynics, most notably former night court prosecutor Dan Fielding.

Comments (10)

05/08/24 at 05:52pm

I’m glad Night Court was renewed. I enjoy it. I’m glad that John Larroquette is in it Hopefully Marsha Warfield ( Roz) will be in it again. Very good, funny show. I also like the original Night Court.
02/01/24 at 07:12pm

Just brutal. Please cancel.
05/04/23 at 08:43pm

Unfortunately not as good as the original. The laugh track is extremely dated and insulting. Also this show desperately needs Richard Moll.
05/03/23 at 10:29pm

Happy this show is renewed!
02/15/23 at 03:23pm

I'm about to give up on this show. It's no where near as good as the original. I do like John Larroquette, however, so I keep watching it.
01/25/23 at 03:43pm

It has potential. Melissa Rauch is entertaining and anything with India de Beaufort has my full attention
01/21/23 at 08:52am

This show is terrific! I like that it does not have to rely heavily on coarse language and sex jokes to find its laughs opting instead for clever wordplay in the dialogue. I was very young when the original "Night Court" came out, but I think NBC may have a hit on their hands with this version.
David Wood
01/19/23 at 06:02am

The silly laugh track is a deal breaker for me.
I don't need to be led and shown where and when to laugh.
01/19/23 at 03:22am

Having watched the first two episodes, I can that it has a lot of potential, but this Abby Stone is a little too sappy - far more than I can remember Harry Stone being. Tone that down a bit, and it’ll be a good one.
01/17/23 at 06:33am

hopefully this show will be good like the original show was. i loved the old version

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