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Nov 30, 2023




Comedy / Action




Ava - Shelley HennigChad - Nick ZanoTrunk - Terrence TerrellAngela - Paola LázaroMaya - Kimi RutledgePaul - Eugene KimHagerty - C. Thomas HowellJames - Carl LumblyLana - Alyson Gorske

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An action comedy following an intoxicated special forces team working to find a bomb in Vegas.

After an elite CIA special forces team thwarts a deadly bomb threat in Las Vegas, they celebrate with a bunch of booze and drugs. Unfortunately the party doesn't last long, as they discover that the bomb they deactivated was a fake.

With the clock ticking, the intoxicated team must fight through their impairments and overcome their personal issues to find the real bomb before it goes off.

Comments (5)

03/02/24 at 09:41am

It was a very silly show.But a lot of fun. It would have been hard to do a season 2 and make it work maybe. But rating kill shows often
02/12/24 at 02:58pm

Why do they keep canceling good shows without giving it a chance or promoting it enough? Grrrr arrrrgggg
12/30/23 at 06:36pm

This is a "classic", it has it all sex, drugs and rock 'n roll and a lot more. I just hope we get a season 2 etc that keeps up the same pace. :)

It leaves FUBAR for dead
11/30/23 at 01:41pm

out standing series, best i have seen in years, better get a season 2
Steve S.
11/30/23 at 10:37am

Probably a bad idea.

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