Poker Face

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Jan 26, 2023 - Present




Drama / Crime


Charlie - Natasha Lyonne

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A murder mystery series following a woman who has the uncanny ability to detect lies.

Charlie Cale is a casino worker who has the extraordinary ability to tell when somebody is lying. On the run from a casino boss, she hits the road and travels across the country in her '69 Plymouth Barracuda, with each stop leading to an encounter with a new cast of characters and strange crimes she is compelled to solve.

Comments (3)

01/26/23 at 06:56am

It could have been good, a shame the main character is so unlikable…
Just Keith
01/26/23 at 06:39am

"Russian Doll" eventually grew on me.
Steve S.
01/26/23 at 00:44am

A more diverse updated (?) Unforgettable without Poppy Montgomery? I like the Barracuda - a Cyclone might even be better.

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