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Mar 09, 2023 - Present




Drama / Horror


Maddie - Peyton List

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A drama following a teen girl stuck in the afterlife and investigating how she died.

Maddie is a teenage girl stuck in the afterlife investigating her mysterious disappearance and death. As she begins her crime-solving journey while adjusting to the afterlife, she joins up with the Split River High Afterlife Support Group. But the closer she gets to uncovering the truth, the more secrets and lies she uncovers.

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12/31/23 at 08:42pm

I'm sorry but some people are just too hard to look at. Peyton list is too hard to look at with that horrendous haircut, her face is a asymmetrical and strange and that haircut is so awful, why did she leave kobra Kai?
03/27/23 at 11:55pm

The Breakfast Club is certainly hinted here with this one. I am really enjoying it.
Al B.
03/14/23 at 12:07pm

Quirky is one word to describe it.
Steve S.
03/09/23 at 01:06am

"Afterlife Support Group" - horror? drama? scifi? scientology?

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