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The Ark

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Feb 01, 2023 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


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A sci-fi drama set during a time when planetary colonization missions have begun in order to preserve life.

100 years in the future, mankind has started planetary colonization missions as a necessity to help secure the survival of the human race. The first mission utilizes a spacecraft known as Ark One, but it encounters a catastrophic event that causes mass destruction and loss of life.

With over a year left to go before reaching their target planet, the remaining crew must find a way to stay on course while dealing with a lack of life-sustaining supplies and loss of leadership.

Comments (14)

02/01/23 at 03:35pm

@Dave the skeptic. You realize that makes you part of the problem right? So many people do this nowadays it’s no wonder a lot of the good new shows are one and done.
Just Keith
01/28/23 at 07:21am

Been done...
Earth 2, The 100, Lost in Space, and on and on.
Just Keith
01/28/23 at 07:20am

I wonder...
When it comes to COLONIZING, I wonder how many non-breeding people they're going to waste space on.
Dave the Skeptic
01/20/23 at 06:19pm

What's the over/under on getting past one season?

I'm starting to wait until a 3rd season is announced before watching shows anymore.

Too many one and dones lately.

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