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Apr 20, 2023 - Present






Kate - Keri RussellHal - Rufus Sewell

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A political drama following a career diplomat who becomes the new US Ambassador to the UK.

Kate Wyler is the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. With war brewing on one continent and erupting on another, Kate will have to diffuse international crises, forge strategic alliances in London, and adjust to her new role in the spotlight - all while trying to survive her marriage to a fellow career diplomat and political star.

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02/02/24 at 06:52am

This is like 'Homeland' meets 'The Office'. It's really funny, doesn't take itself super seriously. Or it pretends to with a wink & a nod. it's a lot of fun if you don't try to nit-pick.
04/21/23 at 08:54pm

I really liked this series. It has action, but it's diplomatic intrigue, and the story will keep you watching what happens next. I hope Netflix makes season 2 because it ended on a cliffhanger, OR they could have tied up the story ark with 2 more episodes....and started a new kerfuffle with the setups from this season. It's worth the watch so long as you pay attention.
Steve S.
04/20/23 at 02:56am

Keri Russell, as herself, comes across as ordinary as anybody. You'd never guess. But as an actor, preface ordinary with extra.

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