The Idol

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Jun 04, 2023 - Jul 02, 2023








Jocelyn - Lily-Rose DeppTedros - Abel TesfayeCaleb - Troye SivanAngel - Jennie Ruby Jane

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A drama following the tumultuous life of a rising pop star.

Jocelyn is an up-and-coming pop star looking to get her career back on track after a nervous breakdown caused her last tour to be canceled. To claim her status as the hottest pop idol in America, she begins a complicated relationship with an unsavory promoter who has a sordid past.

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J. Frimpong Sydenstricker
06/12/23 at 01:33pm

This show is a complete dumpster fire. People wired like me can at least fast forward to the nudity, but those wired differently don't even get that. Whoever told that Weekend clown that he could be an actor is an idiot.
06/05/23 at 12:50pm

This show sucks.

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