The Irrational

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Sep 25, 2023 - Present




Drama / Crime


Alec - Jesse L. MartinMarisa - Maahra HillKylie - Travina SpringerPhoebe - Molly KunzRizwan - Arash DeMaxi

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A drama following a behavioral science expert who assists the FBI on high-stakes cases.

Alec Mercer is a world-renowned professor of behavioral science who lends his expertise on high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement and corporations. His insight and unconventional approach to understanding human behavior lead him and the team on unexpected journeys to solve illogical puzzles and perplexing mysteries.

Based on the book 'Predictably Irrational' by Dan Ariely.

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Steve S.
09/25/23 at 10:17pm

I thought maybe a rehash of Criminal Minds although I saw maybe all of two episodes of Criminal Minds (in all its years) and I didn't like them. I almost remember Lie to Me but I never saw any of it. The Irrational is probably like tens of series about ongoing crimes investigations. Even Sherlock Holmes has something in common. I could like this kind of show but the preview doesn't make me want to watch it. The far-fetched nature will likely give it a too improbable feel. I give it barely a 10 percent chance of being any good for me. Actually, that's too generous.
09/25/23 at 09:11pm

To me this is just a re-hash of Lie to Me, which was a great show
Steve S.
09/25/23 at 01:04am

Predictably Irrational. Got that right. And it seems there are more crazies than ever. We let untold millions of desperate people (and subversive elements) with no histories right in the door with the apparent belief that what doesn't kill will make the cult stronger.

It doesn't take a mentalist to know that most crime is irrational and therefore many criminal actions can't be rationally explained. It doesn't take a mentalist to know that letting irrational criminals free is crazy, yet the irrational progressives near you are doing just that.

We don't necessarily know what crazy stuff they will do next, only that they will keep doing it.

It's just a TV show (and book), probably meaningless, yet the title concept is highly relevant. This is a pass for me.

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