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Sep 25, 2023 - Present




Drama / Crime


Alec - Jesse L. MartinMarisa - Maahra HillKylie - Travina SpringerPhoebe - Molly KunzRizwan - Arash DeMaxi

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A drama following a behavioral science expert who assists the FBI on high-stakes cases.

Alec Mercer is a world-renowned professor of behavioral science who lends his expertise on high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement and corporations. His insight and unconventional approach to understanding human behavior lead him and the team on unexpected journeys to solve illogical puzzles and perplexing mysteries.

Based on the book 'Predictably Irrational' by Dan Ariely.

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03/12/24 at 02:40pm

Fantastic show. Keeps your attention. Action and intelligence
02/14/24 at 06:35am

I love this new series. The acting is really well done, and the plots are well thought out. Also the insightful and psychological thought process the main character has and expresses to its audience, is both thought provoking and right on target. I find the series to be very heartfelt and inspiring, not to mention captivating and intriguing. Thank you!
Steve S.
12/04/23 at 12:44pm

On rehashes and Numb3rs - I think Johnny has the best comparison although hundreds of shows have a large like number of elements (Kamala would be captivated by the Venn Diagram). Numb3rs used math expertise which looked genius but I think much of it was low on realism, at least if not for it being combined with psychology. I liked Numb3rs just well enough to watch every episode. All the crime mind shows probably use the psychology of repetition since even the most irrational criminals repeat their irrationalities.
Steve S.
12/04/23 at 10:34am

yo bob, the putz who tortures and impersonates posters handles, saunders, dan, bob, etc, and endless nauseas strips. Why don't you stick with something fitting like "nobody cares a rat's ass about me," or "right meets the far left," or most accurately, "butt dribbler." Whatever, you're far less rational and relevant than a turd on the wall, even with your uppish odor.
11/30/23 at 00:12am

It's actually a rehash of the series "Numbers". There is a person that is brilliant in their field (in Numbers it was mathematics, here it is psychology), they have a connection to law enforcement (Numbers it was the brother in the FBI, here it is the ex-wife in the FBI), and they use their chosen profession to help solve crimes.
11/14/23 at 07:43pm

The show's current status is POSTPONED because: No ready-to-air episodes after episode 7, Mainly due to the writer-actor strikes. It could later on be cancelled, or continued with changes, or continued as previously intended (i.e. total 10 episodes with original scripts). Who knows? Just wait for more updates.
11/14/23 at 08:41am

I really liked the show The Irrational, why after a few shows it’s
Cancelled after just a few shows! We still have too many reality shows and game shows! Please bring it back! It’s very interesting & suspenseful!
11/13/23 at 06:08pm

I really like this show and am so disappointed it will not be on anymore. I was totally surprised seeing it was not on tonite. I dislike all these game shows, especially The Wall. The Irrational was a nice change.
11/01/23 at 03:53pm

Hey Bob, here's a thought: Since you liked the first five episodes, why not give the show another chance? Just because one episode wasn't your thing, it doesn't mean all remaining episodes will be that way.
11/01/23 at 02:27pm

I really liked the first 5 episodes. They were entertaining, with interesting psychological premises as background. I like the actors and support people. Most especially they didn't hit you in the face with the woke ideals that seem to permeate all tv and movies. They were pretty balanced. The 6th episode ruined that. Queer marriage, all black defendants and witnesses, anti cop, White cop traffic stop. White cops as killers. It turned into woke garbage. They lost a viewer.

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