The Night Agent

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Mar 23, 2023 - Present




Drama / Action


Peter - Gabriel BassoRose - Luciane BuchananDiane - Hong ChauMaddie - Sarah DesjardinsChelsea - Fola Evans-AkingbolaEllen - Eve HarlowBen - Enrique MurcianoDale - Phoenix RaeiErik - DB Woodside

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An action thriller following a low level FBI Agent who is thrust into a dangerous conspiracy.

Peter Sutherland is a low level FBI Agent who mans an emergency hotline for American spies in the basement of the White House. The phone never rings, but when a call comes in from a terrified civilian, Peter must protect her while working to uncover a dangerous conspiracy that leads all the way to the Oval Office.

Based on the novel by Matthew Quirk.

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Steve S.
03/23/23 at 05:01pm

Will they ever reveal who's calling the shots?
Steve S.
03/23/23 at 03:04am

Woops - Barack Obama is also on list which includes suspects for running government/Biden.
Steve S.
03/23/23 at 02:45am

These are the suspects: Susan Rice, Jake Sullivan, Marcia Fudge, Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, Alejandro Mayorkas*, Xavier Becerra, Rachel Levine, Anthony Fauci, Mark Milley, Hunter Biden, Karine Jean-Pierre*, Vivek Murthy, Kamala Harris*, Lloyd Austin, Pete Buttigieg*, Bowe Bergdahl, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi.

*Remain on list despite reputation for extreme lack of intelligence.

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