The Traitors

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Jan 12, 2023 - Present






Host - Alan Cumming

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A competition series where contestants compete in challenges for a cash prize.

Hosted by Alan Cumming in a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands, this psychological competition series brings together 20 contestants (including reality stars) to complete a series of challenges with the goal of earning a cash prize of up to $250,000.

The only catch is that three of the contestants are "traitors," and will devise a plan to steal the prize from the others.

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01/26/24 at 01:57am

Cathy Jo, check Peacock or IMBD for show dates. It appears the first two episodes aired on Friday, January 12. Subsequent episodes are scheduled to air on Thursdays. I like that Peacock displays the day that episodes air on its streaming platform instead of the network’s (NBC).
01/21/23 at 08:58pm

Taped combined episodes 1/2, haven't watched yet. But where is it now? There have been no other episodes since it started on 1/13

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