True Lies

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Mar 01, 2023 - May 17, 2023




Drama / Action




Harry - Steve HoweyHelen - Ginger GonzagaMaria - Erica HernandezGib - Omar MillerLuther - Mike O'GormanDana - Annabella DidionJake - Lucas Jaye

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An adaptation of the hit 1994 movie of the same name.

Helen is an unremarkable suburban homemaker who discovers her unremarkable computer-consultant husband, Harry, is leading a double life as an international spy for U.S. intelligence agency Omega Sector.

This shocking secret puts the couple and their kids in jeopardy, forcing Helen to work with Harry on his covert missions. An adventure ensues that shakes up their marriage just as much as it shakes up the international world of espionage.

Comments (13)

Matthew G
07/20/23 at 08:55pm

This CBS drama I really loved. I don't know about you guys commenting, but it was super great to me.
06/07/23 at 10:17pm

No offence to the actors but I saw this coming, show was ridiculous.
05/27/23 at 03:29pm

Fubar a better show than this trash.
05/25/23 at 06:34am

Typical network bullshit…canceling shows without giving it a real opportunity to catch fire.
05/19/23 at 02:59pm

Make this show a parmount plus show instead for season two
Vernon Musil
05/18/23 at 01:28pm

don't cancel this show
Wendy Fortin
05/18/23 at 10:21am

Disappointing I was really enjoying it . Very amusing concept and really liked the actors
Yes by all means keep the stupid “reality “ shows
Cheryl Cooke
05/11/23 at 08:38am

I am a fan of the original movie, I have watched it many, many, many times! Arnold, Tom and Jamie Lee kept me laughing. This reboot isn’t as entertaining as the original, but it is a better choice than watching young people getting drunk and having sex, or people meeting for the first time and getting married, or women dressed to the nines fighting each other at restaurants! It is a fun change from the reality based muck being shown today. I find myself watching reruns of Perry Mason and The Golden Girls for entertainment. Please renew this show!
04/21/23 at 10:24pm

Good show my wife and myself really enjoy it it's different from the movie but it is still good
04/20/23 at 05:40pm

Finally got a chance to watch this show and it's so great! Light hearted fun with likable characters. Its refreshing to have a show that isn't overly serious or reality!

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