True Lies

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Mar 01, 2023 - Present




Drama / Action


Harry - Steve HoweyHelen - Ginger GonzagaMaria - Erica HernandezGib - Omar MillerLuther - Mike O'GormanDana - Annabella DidionJake - Lucas Jaye

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An adaptation of the hit 1994 movie of the same name.

Helen is an unremarkable suburban homemaker who discovers her unremarkable computer-consultant husband, Harry, is leading a double life as an international spy for U.S. intelligence agency Omega Sector.

This shocking secret puts the couple and their kids in jeopardy, forcing Helen to work with Harry on his covert missions. An adventure ensues that shakes up their marriage just as much as it shakes up the international world of espionage.

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Steve S.
03/01/23 at 07:58am

James Cameron brings his movie to tv.. He's been trying hard of late to make up for his shameful past un-woke behavior so you know what to expect now that he's woke. Expect Tom Arnold to reappear as a doofus again though.

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