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Mar 24, 2023




Drama / Comedy




Lindsay - Mae WhitmanMiguel - Carlos Valdes

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A romantic comedy following a couple falling in love in 1999 New York.

This musical romantic comedy follows the extraordinary story of one ordinary couple as they fall in love in 1999 New York City. Together they learn that the greatest obstacle to finding happiness with each other might just be themselves – as well as the treacherous world of memories, obsessions, fears, and fantasies that lives inside their heads.

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04/09/23 at 07:59am

Can I tell you how much I loved every single inch of that show? Just finished the season and I am in tears! Totally moved. Intelligent, funny, deeply moving, fun. I didn't care so much for the "voices" but I understood them. But the plot and the couple and the music? And the complicated relationships? The whole thing was brilliant!
03/29/23 at 05:33pm

Love it!
03/25/23 at 08:54am

Think "Inside Out" meets "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" meets "Emily in Paris". I'm loving it!
Just Keith
03/24/23 at 06:09am

Congrats to Carlos Valdez.
A chance to stretch that acting range.
Reminds me of "Herman's Head" though.

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