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Jan 03, 2023 - Present






Will - Ramón RodríguezAngie - Erika ChristensenFaith - Iantha RichardsonMichael - Jake McLaughlinAmanda - Sonja Sohn

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A drama following an agent working at the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) was abandoned at birth and grew up in Atlanta's overwhelmed foster care system. Determined to use his unique point of view to ensure nobody else is abandoned like he was, Will Trent has the highest clearance rate in the GBI.

Based on the hit book series by Karin Slaughter.

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05/09/23 at 04:26pm

I'm glad the show was renewed. I like it a lot.
I don't know if there's going to be a S1Ep14. 5/8/23 was actually a repeat of the two prior episodes/finale (S1Eps 12 & 13) even though my DVR listed it as one 2 hour "new" episode. Perhaps it was edited together just in case the series was not to be renewed.
04/06/23 at 11:49am

My newest addiction. I love this show and the cast. I love the guest stars. The soundtrack is phenomenal. Storytelling is perfection. I need many more seasons.
03/29/23 at 10:19pm

This is a great show!! I love all the characters..Having read all of Karin Slaughter's Will Trent books, I wasn't sure Rodriguez was the right actor for the part, but he's really great Please give it at least one more season to catch on!!
Faith Wyman
03/25/23 at 02:00pm

This show, Will Trent, is fabulous! The stars and the characters they play, and the storylines-writers...not to mention Betty, all make this show so enjoyable and exciting! ABC will be very foolish if they cancel Will Trent
03/15/23 at 07:30pm

What's not to love here. Great writing, great characters, fantastic actors. I line in Georgia (just south of Atlanta) and I love the story lines! Please for once don't screw this up. There is so very little that is good or even interesting on tv now. I have been reduced to rewatching old shows that were great just to stay entertained.
03/05/23 at 06:54pm

Please renew Will Trent! My mom and I both love it! Quirky, fun characters; great dynamic between the cast and a rapport they all fell into in legit the first episode (which you don’t always see); and compelling, edge of your seat cases that keep you guessing til the very end without being formulaic, what’s not to love? And I even like the dog! (And I’m not much of an animal person haha) But Betty brings a kind of lighthearted side to Will that he otherwise has trouble displaying so this dynamic makes him a truly well rounded character and overall brings a sort of light moment to an otherwise more serious show. Long story short, please renew!!!
Lisa K
02/28/23 at 03:12pm

Love the show! Betty’s a scene stealer!
02/16/23 at 05:51pm

Great show - don't cancel! Give them a two season renewal...as in automatic 2 more seasons!
02/15/23 at 09:12pm

I actually like this show. Which means it will probably be canceled.
02/15/23 at 08:58am

I have to admit to loving this show! But to be honest if I hadn't seen a clip of it I probably wouldn't have even noticed it. Now that people have cut the cable shows like this need a better way of advertising it! It is actually the only show right now that I watch weekly. Usually I wait weeks and catch up. NOT THIS ONE! RENEW RENEW RENEW If ABC screws this one up I swear I'm done. P.s. Love betty. It really normalizes Will.

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