Deal or No Deal Island

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Feb 26, 2024 - Present






Host - Joe Manganiello

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A competition series where 13 contestants vie for cash on a private island.

"Deal or No Deal" is back in a tropical setting with a twist on its format. 13 players are transported to the elusive Banker's private island, where there are over 100 briefcases with millions of dollars split between them, which players compete to retrieve in thrilling challenges and dilemmas.

The player up for elimination in each episode plays a high-stakes game of "Deal or No Deal." At the end of the season, the last player standing faces the Banker to try and win the biggest prize in "Deal or No Deal" history.

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03/19/24 at 01:48pm

Why did DOND become such a blatant ripoff of Survivor? Let's see, we're on a tropical island, with Boston Rob and a variety of the usual contestants that check every box for age, gender, race and someone from the LGBTQ, all running around looking for cases (idols) and getting into needless, unnecessary drama.

DOND is a random chance game. It doesn't need alliances and drama or bromances. Let Survivor run with that, NBC. Come up with something a little more original.

The best way to watch this is to record it, then fast forward to the part where the actual game begins.
11/24/23 at 01:47pm

Not sure if I'd be interested in this one.

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