The Floor

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Jan 02, 2024 - Present




Host - Rob Lowe

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A game show where 81 contestants stand on an 81-square floor competing for $250,000.

In this spectacular battle of the brains, 81 contestants stand on 81 squares on a giant game show floor, where they compete for a huge $250,000 prize.

The first challenger, chosen at random, selects one of their neighboring opponents to face off against in a quiz duel in the opponent's category. The winner takes over the loser's square to expand their territory, while the loser leaves the game.

The winner must then choose whether to continue on and attempt to secure another square or let The Floor choose a new challenger. The last contestant who gains full control over The Floor takes home the grand prize.

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11/08/23 at 02:41pm

Looks interesting enough to try.

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