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On Air: Oct 6, 2004 - Present
Network: Syfy

Ghost Hunters Renewed For Season 8

An eighth season of the long-running paranormal reality series is scheduled for 2012.

May 31, 2011

Syfy has renewed its hit series Ghost Hunters for an eighth season. The show is currently on a mid-seventh-season break, with a special episode scheduled for tomorrow night in order to hold viewers over until new episodes return later this year. As for Season 8, 20 episodes are planned with a premiere expected in early 2012.

On the air since 2004, Ghost Hunters is the network's longest-running reality series, with over 140 episodes produced to-date. It has also spawned two spin-off series: Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy.

So far this season, the show is averaging a 0.6 in the adults 18-49 demographic. Its most recent episode on April 27 rated a season-low 0.4.


Comments (6)

Posted 06/14/12 at 07:57:14

I have been watching your show since day one. My father and i loved the show. Im sad to say he passed 4 yrs.ago, but every wed. i pretend he is with me watching the show.I have had many paranormal experiences in my life and always wanted to go on in investigation with the TAPS team. Maybe one day that will come true. Please stay on the air and good luck in all you do!
Melissa Ackley
Posted 05/31/12 at 17:02:27

Love the show Hope there will be a season 9 keep doing the shows please big fan of the show.
Sally McIntire
Posted 05/01/12 at 22:51:43

This is one of my favorite shows. Please don't stop and tell Jason we don't want him to go. I've e-mailed you before and you seemed to take notice. I hope you do. I live 45 minutes to Pittsburg, Pa. and have wanted to join you for your meet the ghost hunters event but afraid I'm to old. Love you all
judy card
Posted 04/12/12 at 06:04:57

I have watched many of programs about ghost hunting, but ghost hunters tAPS is my favorite and the reason that I watched them is because they debunk most things, they are not like paranormal state that you can tell they are full of bananas, I will miss Grant, but they do have others on the show that appear to follow Grants teachings. I am told that I havr a ghost in my house, but people say it is my protector. You see I have stage 4 lung cancer and because of ghost hunters (TAPS) I am not afraid of death, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for what they have taught me, "death is nothing to fear, it is just the next step we take in life". Thanks again, TAPS team. I always look forward to watching you and Ghost Hunters International.
Myra Nathenson
Posted 02/15/12 at 18:36:16

Ghost hunters is the favorite show of my husband and I.
We have been on several paranormal investigations some better than others but we enjoy the cast of Ghost Hunter and the investigations. We hope no one will be fired from the show, and that the show will be continuted with new episodes in 2012 and beyond.
Alice Noles
Posted 02/09/12 at 14:12:39

I sincerely hope that SyFy doesn't cancel Ghost Hunters. It has been one of my favorite shows since the very first airing. I have had paranormal experiences since age 5 and am now 60, so find what they do interesting.
I would love to join the guys on sight for an investigation and wish they could investigate at the Mudd House in Ohio.
Good luck guys and keep going so I have something to watch on Wednesday night.

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