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A comedy about a band of misfit students who form a study group at a local community college.

At Greendale Community College a diverse group of students come together and form a study group, where they develop a unique friendship with one another.

At the center of the group is a fast-talking ex-lawyer who had his degree revoked after it was discovered to be fabricated. Other group members include film student Abed, eccentric millionaire Pierce, straight-laced student Annie, and former star football player Troy.

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Posted 01/17/16 at 09:58:56

TV desperately misses this show. There will never be another show like it. Unfortunately for the actors on the show, its all downhill from here, just ask Dr. Ken.
The only exception being Donald Glover since he is also a very good writer.
Posted 12/15/14 at 19:22:56

I #*!*#!* love community so happy it's being renewed....Troy and abed in the morrrnning!!
Posted 05/22/14 at 20:08:08

Nooooo 6 seasons and A Movie!!!!! It was promised!!
Posted 05/18/14 at 16:32:05

It is about time! Clearly i am of the minority. I have tried to watch this show and i found it tedious. Nothing redeeming in this show.
Posted 05/14/14 at 04:49:21

No no no no no. Community won the place in my heart as the best comedy ever made. Yes, fifth season was different. They knew, it was supposed to be like that. It's like life. When you graduate, everything is different. You could try to find something back... but it's never gonna be the same. It was even moving. The last two episodes had some truly strong moments. Pure "dramedy" as they call it. No. Thi serie deserved six seasons and a movie. Hands down.
Posted 05/12/14 at 12:11:52

Way to stay up-to-date Claire. Pierce was not part of the last season at all. Nice to know you have no clue what you're posting about :)
Posted 05/10/14 at 16:32:21

I blame NBC for failure of this show. Always screwed with the schedule, couldn't keep cast/crew together. Happy I got at least 1 more season...the GIJOE episode was a standing O !!
Posted 05/10/14 at 00:20:10

Good Riddance. Used to be good but just dumb now. Now Joel McHale can do something better...he's hilarious!!!!
Posted 05/09/14 at 16:04:49

Cancelled for how long this time?
Posted 03/21/14 at 11:57:42

Community is AWESOME it does.not need to be cancelled.
Community is the only thing that holds NBC together in it thursday night.

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Genre: Comedy

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Joel McHale (Jeff)
Gillian Jacobs (Britta)
Danny Pudi (Abed)
Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley)
Alison Brie (Annie)
Ken Jeong (Chang)
Chevy Chase (Pierce)
Donald Glover (Troy)