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Sep 17, 2009 - Jun 02, 2015


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Jeff - Joel McHaleBritta - Gillian JacobsAbed - Danny PudiShirley - Yvette Nicole BrownAnnie - Alison BrieChang - Ken JeongPierce - Chevy ChaseTroy - Donald Glover

A comedy about a band of misfit students who form a study group at a local community college.

At Greendale Community College a diverse group of students come together and form a study group, where they develop a unique friendship with one another.

At the center of the group is a fast-talking ex-lawyer who had his degree revoked after it was discovered to be fabricated. Other group members include film student Abed, eccentric millionaire Pierce, straight-laced student Annie, and former star football player Troy.

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07/15/12 at 04:39pm

I love this show the only thing i would change is I would take pierce of I really don't like him and chevy chase said he hates playing him (see the rolling stones article about it)
07/02/12 at 05:11pm

without doubt the best american comedy EVER. original, clever, sarcastic and drenched in irony!!! if you wanted bigger ratings the producers really should have sold and shown the show in britain, we appreciate GOOD comedy....
will be sad to see it go, given the life you give shows like how i met your mother.......grrrrrrrr! (how is that show still going????)
02/19/12 at 04:39pm

i think Annie is awesome and abed is great but the show has just fallen of the cliff with a few high points, to be honest for the last mouth i forgot about it
01/13/12 at 09:30am

Oh, of course this show needs to be cancelled!! nevermind that its one of the smartest comedies in years and renewed my faith in primetime tv, but yeah, needs to be cancelled. After 6 seasons and a movie though.
You bet
12/15/11 at 02:23pm

Yeah, only Abed. And the rest of the gang. And those great scripts. And the parodies. And the Glee-sucks episodes. And the paintball episodes. Other than that, this show's awful and should be cancelled no later than 2020...
09/25/11 at 07:14pm

Abed is the only thing this show has going...

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