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TV Tidbit: Season 9 of Modern Family premieres on Wednesday, Sept 27 at 9:00pm.

Modern Family

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On Air: 
Network: ABC

A sitcom following the trials and tribulations of three families of all shapes and sizes.

Jay recently got married to a much younger, and better looking, woman named Gloria. He's now trying his best to keep up with his new Colombian wife and her preteen son, Manny.

Claire is having a tough time dealing with raising her own family. Her husband, Phil, is busy trying to be a cool dad to their kids, much to everyone's embarrassment.

Same-sex couple Mitchell and Cameron have just adopted a Vietnamese baby named Lily, which is a huge change in their lives.

In Modern Family, all three families put their unique comedic spin on what it means to be a parent or grow up in this day and age.

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Posted 05/05/17 at 01:51:22

Modern Family, as with any long time running show, is showing more than just cracks.... it is tired, predictable, with ever-increasing absurd story lines trying to tackle social issues. While I was a fan of this first 5+ seasons, I have watched this decay to the point where it is out of my DVR. This will be one of those shows where people say, "Wow, that is still on?" I think the cast has fantastic potential, but the writing is very weak. It just isn't funny anymore. I feel like there are often jokes "left on the table".
Posted 01/22/17 at 16:56:13

I have watched this show for years but no longer. For Julie Bowen to make fun of a 10 year old child is just wrong.
Posted 09/21/16 at 10:42:31

Kick rocks Kit Boringson
Kit Robinson
Posted 08/28/14 at 17:33:05

How much more of this low-rent no storey-line stuff do we have to put up with??? It has sucked since the beginning & has never gotten better. No matter who you get to fake a rave review it's still what it is not good TV get rid of it!!!!!
randy clark
Posted 07/07/14 at 15:58:04

great show
Posted 05/30/14 at 19:36:40

OMG I just started watching this show about 3 weeks ago by accident and I cannot believe it took Me this long to watch. It is so hilarious and lime others have said.fresh it's good to see good humor back on top. Keep it up!
Posted 05/18/14 at 17:29:35

This show makes me laugh out-loud! It is still fresh. The actors are excellent! Their chemistry is perfect! The writing is excellent!
Posted 02/05/14 at 20:52:08

This show... needs to go.
Posted 07/16/13 at 02:25:09

Seriously the funniest show on TV. Phil is an absolute champion, kudos to the actor who makes him what he is.. Beyond that, every actor/ess is perfect for their part in this show which is what makes this such a huge success..
Keep it up Modern Family, you rock!
Posted 05/18/13 at 13:13:04

Still great! Glad it's renewed!

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Genre: Comedy

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Ed O'Neill (Jay)
Sofia Vergara (Gloria)
Ty Burrell (Phil)
Julie Bowen (Claire)
Ariel Winter (Alex)
Eric Stonestreet (Cameron)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell)
Sarah Hyland (Haley)
Nolan Gould (Luke)
Rico Rodriguez (Manny)